High Elf. Lieutenant in the City Guard of Dallen.


Saya hails from the far-off port-city of Dallen – a prosperous Elven settlement home to craftsmen and traders from numerous different races and creeds.
He spent most of his 200 years of age there, is was a first lieutenant in the City Guard – an administrative and policing role overseeing a small market district.

Saya left Dallen two years ago on a sojourn to seek worldly knowledge and wisdom from other ways of life, governance, and nationalities.
True to his profession, Saya works as an errand, advisor, and guardsman as he makes his way from place to place.
During such travels he has also picked up a fascination for exotic goods and artifacts – especially bladed weapons.

Saya is open, but is slow to make friends or take action without careful forethought. Such behaviour is typical of elves (who have no need to rush through anything in their nearly a millennium-long lifespans), and especially any who may have sought careers mediating peace and understanding in the pedantic world they live in.


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