Loyal cleric of Bahamut and protector of his friends


Rhodar is both small and young by Kobold standards, barely mature at age 7 he stands a mere 2’3 tall. Once initial suspicion of his appearance has abated, most tend to notice his abnormal blue colour.


Incredibly optimistic, Rhodar is compassionate and will go out of his way to ensure the safety of his friends. Raised by a Dragonborn cleric and told nothing of his race, he was instructed in the ways of Bahamut and has assumed or inferred most of what he knows about himself. Rhodar is guided by his faith and trusts Bahamut to reward his hard work.

Due to suspicion and hostility from most races, Rhodar often finds common ground with his foes, empathising with them and working toward a peaceful resolution. Although he does not hold it against those that take more violent methods.


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